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Quality EDM, Inc.
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

This purchase order constitutes buyer’s offer to seller and becomes a binding contract upon seller’s acceptance. No modification of the terms and conditions herein shall be valid unless in writing and signed by and authorized representative of the buyer and no conditions or additional terms stated by seller in accepting this order shall be binding upon the buyer unless accepted in writing by buyer.

1. CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE: Quality EDM, Inc. requires that a certificate of conformance is submitted with each shipment. Certificate of conformance will include the PO #, specification number and revision, name of supplier and quantities accepted and/or rejected. Material suppliers shall furnish chemical/physical test reports with each shipment identifying the applicable specification and revision, actual chemical composition and physical properties, melt heat, batch, or lot.

2. RIGHT OF ENTRY: Quality EDM, Inc. requires the supplier to provide right of access to both the facilities and to the records for Quality EDM, Inc., Quality EDM, Inc.’s customer and any regulatory authorities.

3. AMENDMENTS: Quality EDM, Inc. requires the supplier to notify Quality EDM, Inc. if and when the supplier makes changes to the product in question or the process employed to produce the product, and if required, to obtain Quality EDM, Inc.’s prior approval to the change.

4. NONCONFORMANCES: Quality EDM, Inc. requires the supplier to notify Quality EDM, Inc. if and when nonconforming product is produced. No nonconforming material will be accepted without Quality EDM, Inc.’s prior approval.

5. FIRST ARTICLE: Where applicable, Quality EDM, Inc. requires the supplier to provide test specimens or samples for the purpose of inspection, investigation, or auditing.

6. INSPECTION: Quality EDM, Inc. requires the supplier to perform all specified tests, examinations, and inspections, and to follow all specified instructions in order for the product to be accepted by Quality EDM, Inc.

7. CALIBRATION SYSTEM COMPLIANCE: Quality EDM, Inc. requires the supplier to calibrate in compliance with all applicable portions of ANSI/NCSL, Z540, ISO 10012, ISO/IEC 17025 and MIL-STD-45662A, using standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

8. FLOW DOWN: Quality EDM, Inc. requires the supplier to perform all specified test, examinations, and instructions and to follow all specified instructions in order for the product to be accepted by Quality EDM, Inc. and must maintain records of all operations and procedures. These records shall be maintained for a minimum for twenty (20) years and will be made available for review by Quality EDM, Inc. authorized personnel at any time. All obsolete records are to be destroyed by a method to render them unusable. Quality EDM, Inc. requires the supplier to flow down all of these requirements to their sub-tier suppliers and they are required to meet the same requirements as the supplier as named in the purchase order.

9. U.S GOVERNMENT DEFENSE RATING: This procurement is rated for National Defense use, issued under the DPAS. Seller is required to follow all provisions of the Defense Priority & Allocation System Regulation (15 CFR part 700). Seller’s written acknowledgement of purchase order shall constitute acceptance of the DPAS rating. The DPAS rating shall be flowed down to all sub-tier suppliers.

10. DFAR: Unless otherwise noted on the purchase order, all items must conform to DFAR 252.225-7014, Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals, alternate I.

11. ITAR CONTROLLED: U.S. export law as contained in the Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is applicable to information contained on this purchase order. The technical information is not to be placed in the public domain, exported from the U.S., or given to any foreign persons in the U.S. without the prior specific written permission of Quality EDM, Inc., its customer(s) and the U.S. Department of State.

The supplier shall maintain a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015 minimum or equivalent. The supplier shall control sub-tier procurements to the extent necessary to ensure conformance to the quality requirements of the purchase order.

Supplier shall not deliver any “counterfeit parts” or material and shall further ensure that only original/authentic and conforming parts are provided to Quality EDM, Inc. Quality EDM, Inc. retains the right to withhold payment for any counterfeit items and shall coordinate with the Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) for further action. Supplier acknowledges that any willful act to falsify, conceal or alter material fact, or make any false, fraudulent, or fictitious statements or representations in connection with goods or services provided to Quality EDM, Inc. may be punishable in accordance with the law. Supplier shall flow counterfeit parts and material statement to sub-contractors where applicable notify Quality EDM, Inc. of any counterfeit parts/materials delivered if and when such a situation occurs.

A. Neither Seller nor any employee, agent, or representative of Seller shall offer or provide any gifts, gratuities, or other unauthorized benefits to any employee or representative of Buyer for the purpose of obtaining favorable treatment under the Order. Seller is otherwise prohibited from providing, offering, or attempting to offer kickbacks or soliciting or accepting kickbacks. Seller shall have and shall follow procedures designed to prevent and detect possible violations of the foregoing. B. It is Buyer’s policy to enter into supplier and subcontractor agreements only with companies that have a demonstrated record of and a commitment to the highest ethical standards. Seller shall conduct itself fairly, impartially and in an ethical manner, and shall adhere to a reasonable code of ethical standards. In the event that Seller has cause to believe that Buyer or any of its representatives has acted improperly or unethically in connection with an Order, then Seller shall promptly report such conduct to Buyer’s Authorized Purchasing Representative.

Personnel involved in making Quality EDM need to be aware of: 1) their contribution to product or service conformity; and 2) their contribution to product safety.

QF-18 Terms and Conditions Rev-G (10/17/2017)

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