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U6 H.E.A.T Extreme Wire EDM technology
Double your cutting speed, not your wire consumption

The Makino U6 H.E.A.T. Extreme Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (Wire EDM) is the fastest in the industry. Its innovative EDM technology uses a 0.016” (0.400mm) coated wire to achieve the fastest feedrates possible— twice as fast as traditional 0.010" brass wire.  The U6 can also be outfitted with wire sizes down to 0.004” (0.100mm) for the most precise cuts. 
Built on the popular Makino platform, the U6 stands out from other types of EDM machines by lowering manufacturing costs while boosting productivity.  The combination of new EDM machine technology and new high-gauge EDM wire increases cutting speed, not wire consumption.

U6 H.E.A.T. EXTREME allows you to balance speed with wire consumption costs better than before. Benefits include:

  • High-capacity dual CNC digital flush pumps give you more production power and adaptive intelligence for flushing.
  • HyperDrive Extreme’s wire guide and threading system provides reliable automatic threading of 0.016”Ø wire with extremely low maintenance.
  • HEAT Extreme machine technology delivers optimal performance and reliability.
  • Specially engineered EDM wire increases machining speeds while preventing wire breaks.
  • Makino’s new wire machine is also ATHENA voice-enabled, giving you hands-free control of the machine and easing training for new workers.

With its increased speed, U6 H.E.A.T. EXTREME EDM machine technology is ideal for:
  • Aerospace part and medical part manufacturing (with significant gains in productivity for 3D printed part cut-offs)
  • Tall machined or tall die and mold parts
  • Difficult machine alloys, such as nickel
  • Job shops