We do wire EDM, sinker EDM, and fast hole electrical discharge machining since 1993.

Specialist in Wire / Sinker Conventional and Fast Hole Electrical Discharge Machining. Includes EDM fine wire, precision wire, hydraulic sleeves, slide work, mechanical joints, surgical stints, thrust injectors for space satellites, bellows for radar & components up to 6 ft. in length. Materials include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, & exotic metals. Serves aircraft & aerospace, missile component, medical & surgical markets.

Quality EDM, Inc. specializes in wire/sinker conventional & fast hole electrical discharge machining. Offers complete machine shop services.

Fast and accurate holes up to 6” long
with our Fast-Hole EDM Machines!
Hydraulic components such as Sleeves, Slides, Spools, and Metering Slots
Injection mold components such as Corepins, Cores, Inserts, Blades, and Bases
Laser components such as Nozzles, Bodies, Veins, and Heads
Close tolerance die cast and injection mold fabrication and repair
Short and long run production machining
Precision Surface Grinding, Lathe, and Mill work
Medical and Dental components and tools
Prototype tooling

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Thank you for visiting Quality EDM web site, a leading manufacturer of wire and conventional/sinker and fast hole EDM parts, and provider of complete machine shop services. Quality is in our name and in everything we do… we are ISO 9001 certified for general quality control, NADCAP and AS 9100 certified, meeting all standards as set forth by the aerospace industry.

At Quality EDM, we are continually expanding our capabilities to bring our customers the best service possible. That’s why we are pleased to announce that we now offer high-speed milling, which enables high-volume production for close tolerance and detailed work. If your application requires precision milling, we are now equipped to meet your needs, and look forward to exceeding your expectations!

With thirty-seven state-of-the-art EDM machines, you can rely on Quality EDM for speedy delivery with quality results. We maintain and update our equipment to meet your ever-growing demands. You can count on us for wire EDM, sinker EDM, fast-hole EDM as well as high speed milling. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have just as soon as we receive your inquiries.

Founded in 1993, Quality EDM has established one of the largest EDM shops in Orange County. We have grown to nearly forty wire and sinker EDM machines with complete machine shop services, and proudly serve a diverse range of needs for the aircraft & aerospace, medical & dental and fiber optic industries. The breadth of products we can manufacture is simply unmatched, and we are highly experienced at working with exotic materials such as titanium, carbide, Inconel and copper. Please let us know how we can serve you today… we look forward to assisting you.

Hydraulic Sleeves & Slides
Stints & Dental Instruments
Thrust Injectors
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Quality in EDM is Never an Accident.

The medical and surgical markets trust Quality EDM for products they depend on every day. We manufacture dental instruments including dental drills, orthodontic instruments, as well as orthopedics including titanium bone screws. Lasik, surgical instruments and stints are also manufactured by Quality EDM, the name trusted by such industry leaders as 3M, Allergan, Johnson & Johnson, and many others. When nothing less than top quality will do, you can count on Quality EDM to deliver.

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